Ahri – League of Legends

Cosplayer Name- Suriya Banu

Cosplayer Blogs presents Ahri from a game named League of Legends cosplayed by Suriya Banu. When asked about her cosplay she said that Ahri from league of legends is one of my most recent cosplay and one I made in a really short amount of time. Ahri is a 9-tailed fox from the vastayan clan according to the lore. Similarly, she is whismy little spirit who is flirty and fun. I loved cosplaying her at the Hyderabad comic con 2019 and also planning to do one of her other skins from the game.


I made the 9 tails with wood base and 9mm gauge wire as a framework to hold the tails. Then I hand stitched the tails with fur and stuffed them with pillow stuffing. After that, one of my friends helped with making the costume. I completed the entire cosplay within a week. Therefore, all the hard work did pay off in the end. At last, I felt like a million dollars wearing the costume and I felt I have done justice to the character. Although I wanted to make the tails more realistic, I did not have the knowledge nor the right materials to experiment. In addition, I would rework on the tails in the future to make them true-to-character.

Cosplayer Blogs asked some questions about her cosplay experience as follows:-

  • Where do you make your cosplay?

Usually, I make my cosplay at home. Sometimes if I am working with a friend on a duo cosplay, I will go to their place to work together.

  • Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

Go for it!! Don’t feel intimidated by the “how”. Just give it your best and have fun.

  • How do you stay inspired?

I try to visualize how the cosplay will turn out once it completes. That keeps me focused on completing the work and motivates me to work even harder.

  • How to create a cosplay emergency kit?

Scissors and super-glue are your friends.

league of legends ahri
  • Myth vs Fact

Myth: Cosplayers must feel great wearing a lovely costume and they love posing for pictures.
Fact: Not always. Sometimes the costumes and wigs are too suffocating and exhausting. Breaks are necessary. So if you see a cosplayer resting, do not approach them for pictures. In other words, let them take their rest.

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