Archaeologist as Cosplayer

Cosplayer Name- Komal Singhal

Cosplayer blogs presents a cosplayer named Komal Singhal who is professionally an archaeologist as well as a history teacher. When I interviewed for her love of cosplay she said being a cosplayer is something I can only imagine in dreams rather than archaeologist.

My first cosplay was of a witch from the Rosario vampire. At first, it felt like what am I doing and why? But, isn’t it good that you are cosplaying your favorite character. Similarly, that time your personality, nature, and everything changes similar to that character.

Some of her cosplays are as follows:

Anbu Kakashi Hatake:- This cosplay was her first one, in which her full potential came out, everything felt almighty when she cosplayed this character. From time to time, she kept on changing in this cosplay to make it more realistic.

anbu kakashi hatake

Madara Uchiha:- She said about this cosplay that when I think, I am still amazed by the fact that I have done it. People think cosplay making is hectic but its also quite easy if you know the technique. It took me 3 days to work on armor and it was my first armor cosplay.

madara uchiha

Yukari Sendo Witch from Rosario Vampire:- She said, it was my second cosplay, and I did it with all unused material. Cosplay is not always about buying heavy stuff and then do it. You can reuse your old stuff also, I used my unused skirt, leggings etc for this. However, I only bought clothes of the color black and pink. In Indian terms, I can say its jugadu type cosplay. My witch stick was made up of a wiper stick and all. All in all, they were only household items. If I put it on a budget, it cost me only 200rs. 

Yukari Sendo Witch from Rosario Vampire

Cosplayer Blogs asked her some of the following questions:-

  • Why do you cosplay?

Mostly people cosplay for fun, or make it as a career option but for me, it’s like living the life of my favorite character. If I am cosplaying as a witch then I try my best to adapt the nature of witch as well. I started to curse anyone in a funny way. So, for me I am the one who presents that character in real life, so by nature, I have to be one also.

  • First cosplay experience?

Well, I always like to have my appearance neat and tidy, just like a noble lady. But, as my liking my first cosplay was of vampire. I told my friend to do realistic makeup near my lips, to make it look like I just sucked blood. But, he took a brush, dripped in red color, stroke some lines near my eyes and lips. Believe me, it was looking so much horrible that I started to cry for like 1-2 hours because I can’t bear to see my apperance like that.

  • What do you do when you’re not cosplaying?

Well, I am an archaeologist, when I am not a cosplayer. I teach history and Sanskrit to students in the academy. Sometimes, I think to choose cosplay as a profession. But, I love to be an archaeologist, it’s my passion as well as my hobby. In archaeology, I can do photography, study various aspects of science, life, cosmology, geology. So, yes I enjoy my professional life also.

  • Advice to new cosplayers?

Well, as long as you resemble your character, there is nothing which I can say it’s not good. It’s your first cosplay, do it from your heart. It’s possible that someone else is doing much better than you. But, it’s your first time with limited material and your knowledge of cosplay is still recognized as that character.

  • How to budget cosplay?

My brother and me both are cosplayers. But as a lovely child in house, my brother doesn’t know how to increase the value of money. So, he spent quite an amount of money on cosplay while I tried my best to do my cosplay with the rest of the unused material. It’s all about how you use your resources efficiently. As for the budget, you can save money and if you did a good job with your cosplay, you can do some events which pay you to come as cosplayer.

  • What is the hardest thing about cosplay?

Well, I am a girl and grew up in India, so no matter which cosplay I want to do, I have to choose it wisely. I cant show off my bearskin so much. I still remember when I did my Madara Uchiha cosplay I only wore armor for some minutes. One of my fans came and said put it a little more down so we can see. Later on, I wore a t-shirt also. There are many people and cosplayers are there to entertain them, they don’t know how to respect it. So, I can’t choose whatever character I want to be.

  • Funniest thing in my cosplay?

While making cosplay my friends, family all helped me, so it’s like a small get together at my home, which was quite fun. When I cosplay, I adopt my character nature also, it’s silly but funny. I still remember when I was cosplaying as Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Shippuden series. This character favorite ninja jutsu is”thousand years of death” and for that jutsu he rises his four-finger like a gun holding sign by fingers. After that, he puts it enemy’s butt hole. I did it to a lot of cosplayers. Their reaction was so funny, instead of thousand years of death jutsu it became thousand years of pain jutsu, hahaha.

Thank you for reading my journey from an archaeologist to a cosplayer.

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