Colour Me Aorin

Cosplayer Name- Aorin Shariyari

Cosplayer blogs presents one of the first cosplayers in India who has been cosplaying since 2011. Colour me Aorin has made over 100 costumes and isn’t stopping anytime soon. In other words, given the title of cosplay queen of India on numerous occasions by different media articles, she is one of the most popular and successful cosplayers in the country. Being the first and only Indian Cosplayer to be a cosplay judge on an international stage alongside huge names Colour me Aorin is what some may say the face of Indian cosplay. 

color me aorin

Aorin is also a gamer at heart and streams games. She has always preferred to keep her cosplay and gaming separate. Similarly, She goes by PersianMeow as her gamer tag. She has been a mentor and inspiration to many young cosplayers trying to enter the scene. However, Aorin is always found talking about making costumes for cheap and using different bunch of skills. She is also the glue gun wizard, having made costumes using glue gun instead. 

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Cosplayer Blogs asked her some questions about her cosplay life as follows:

  • Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay because its a way to express myself and my art.

  • First cosplay experience.

Fun and exciting, I was new and didn’t know what to expect from others or if there will be more people cosplaying or not.

  • What do you do when you’re not in cosplay?

I work, play games,cook, take care of my 4 fur babies.

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  • How do you stay inspired?

As a gamer and reader it’s hard NOT to stay inspired.

  • How do you balance cosplay with everyday life?

I have my priorities, cosplay can always take a back seat! Everything in life needs discipline and a system.

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  • Myth vs. Fact.

I am friendly and keep contacts. Above all, the fact is that I am extremely anti-social, tend to hide away and not talk to anyone.

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