Cosplayer Blogs presents India based first cosplay professional band named Daisuki Cosplay Band. When asked about them they said Born in Bengaluru, raised on anime. Our mission is to perform music that makes your heart go Doki-Doki. Daisuki brings your favorite characters to the stage in a way you’ve never seen before. Come watch Zangetsu shred on bass and groove with Genryusai Yamamoto while reliving all your childhood anime dreams.

 How the band was formed?

In early 2014, members of the Bangalore Anime Club started the band, Aho Dango, with the main goal of bringing together their love of anime, cosplay, and music.
After quite a few years of performing at various Indo-Japanese cultural festivals and a few lineup changes, Daisuki was born. Daisuki means Intense Love and it is this love for anime, cosplay, and music that Daisuki aims to share with the world. 

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The current Daisuki lineup has:- Anushruti Saha on vocals, Abhishek Harish on guitars, Doulalsang (Donny) Phaipi on guitars, Shrey Sinha on bass, Sougata Hari on drums. 
All the band members are professional musicians based out of Bangalore and have performed all over the country with various bands and projects.

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 Band Members Bio

Anushruti Saha
// Vocals
Two-Time Comic Con Cosplay Competition winner Anushruti Saha on vocal duties. Not only does she set the stage on fire with her scorching vocals, but she’s also the brains behind all the cosplay, handcrafting each single costume to the smallest detail.

Abhishek Harish
// Guitar
Multi-instrumentalist Abhishek Harish joins Daisuki on Guitar and Keyboard. With over 12 years of performing experience, Abhishek can effortlessly switch between multiple instruments and play what the song requires.

Donny Phaipi
// Guitar
Doulalsang Phaipi is an ace guitarist, full of energy, and a perfect touch on the guitar. His happy go lucky nature and enthusiasm bring a whole new element to Daisuki Live Shows.  Donny is also the bassist of popular hip-hop act Fakeer and the Arc from Bangalore. 

Shrey Sinha
// Bass
Bass wizard Shrey Sinha, joins in on low-end duties for Daisuki. A bassist who knows when to hold down the groove and when to play a blazing solo, Shrey’s playing is an integral part of Daisuki’s sound. He is a regular performer in the music scene, having played with bands such as The Floyd Santimano Jam Band.

Sougata Hari
// Drums
An extremely versatile drummer who can play everything from intricate Latin beats to blazing-fast metal beats. Sougata, takes his place behind the kit as the drummer of Daisuki. Started professional career with Mr. Manojit Datta, the first authentic Latin percussionist in India, as a percussionist in his band “clave Mantra”. Then started doing freelancing gigs in Kolkata and around with many artists including Bengali folk artist Sourav Mani who was popular from his coke studio appearance. At last, he became part of the rock and roll trio “pelican shuffles” and recorded an album “all shuffled up” with them.

daisuki cosplay band

Some success stories of the band

Our first outing as a full band was during PGAX ’19 held at Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai and it was amazing performing in front of such an enthusiastic crowd. We were really happy to hear that the event broke the mall attendance records! The event was organized by Super Sugoi, Arknemesis Gaming India and was sponsored by One Plus India.

Happiest Moments as a Band

When you practice as a band, it’s just those 4 to 5 people in the room. You practice like that for months, making sure everything sounds perfect and the band sounds tight together. Then comes the time to take these efforts you put in for months to the stage, and you can only hope that people like what they hear. That’s exactly what happened to us on the stage of PGAX, our first time playing as a band together in front of a LARGE crowd.

The audience (consisting of cosplayers and otakus) absolutely loved it, they danced and sang along to each and every song. We had cosplayers come up on stage and dance with us. It was an absolutely magical moment. The night just got better with each song, because the band could feed off the energy of the crowd, and this was one of the happiest moments as a band. 

Another one would be our first road trip as a band for a gig at Counter Culture Chennai. After that, we got a minivan, filled it up with all our equipment, and hopped on it to go to Chennai. In conclusion, the entire journey there, staying together, playing on stage together, and giving our audience the best experience we could give and ending the night by going to the beach was like a dream, more like a Slice of life music anime.

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Saddest Moments as a Band

Daisuki Cosplay Band’s saddest moment definitely has to be when we had two of our main gigs get canceled in March due to COVID – 19 and the entire lockdown situation. One being the Manga Planet Cosplay Walk 2020 in Bangalore and the other being IGX (Indian Games Expo) in Mumbai. We had been practicing and working on our costumes for months, and within a matter of days both the events were canceled. 

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Struggles while starting your band

Daisuki first started off as a duo with Anushruti and Abhishek. One of the biggest struggles was finding professional musicians in the city who would be willing to play anime music. Lucky for us, we worked at Taaqademy, a music school based in Bangalore. Therefore, all the members met there, all shared the love for music, and slowly got into anime and the music along with it and Daisuki, the cosplay band was formed. 

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