The Devil Jade

Cosplayer name- Yusuf Mani

Cosplayer blogs is thrilled to show an imaginary character by Yusuf Mani. He said that this is one of my original character cosplay “The Devil Jade“. A demon boy who is raised by humans after losing the loved ones in a well-planned accident by some money powerful people. The demon boy who thought that he is a human who is trying to go under mutation experiments to the mutation transformation. However, it gave him a sharp sense to react faster than a shooting bullet and courage to face any problem with a bit boosted super strength. It was a success that left him with a life long side effect that he will develop a feminine side in him that can not be controlled by the boy named “Jade”. Soon, the boy tries to learn more techniques to make himself stronger to face the worst situation.

devil jade

The boy knew that it’s coming his way. He was not a hero at all. In other words, he can’t see powerful people trying to harm the innocents. The boy soon realized that his mutations’ powers are more powerful than other mutant subjects. His aura and strengths are completely on a different level. His body can handle ten times more weight than any normal mutated human. He soon realized that he’s not human at all.

Similarly, his sword name is” Argus”, a devil killing sword that stopped obeying gods and took the side of “Devil Jade”. It changed itself to a god killing weapon having an ability to speak and take its own decisions when the time comes. “Devil jade” and “God killer Argus” are a deadly combination.

It took six days to complete the “Argus” sword because it is my very first cosplay prop. I was new to the cosplay field at that time. The whole costume cosplay look took me almost thirteen days in total including the sword. I am attached to this character. 

devil jade cosplay

Moreover, he answered some other questions as follows:

  • What is your dream cosplay?

One of my dream cosplays is a character called “Scarlet Erza”. She wears one of the strongest armor “Heaven’s Wheel Armor” from the anime “Fairy Tale”. The armor is huge and very heavy. It looks like a weapon of God. Every edge of it is “Art”.

  • What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was “Naruto Sexy Jutsu“. I wanted to work on Naruto’s full costume from “Naruto Shippuden”. So, I ended up creating the whole cosplay costume.

  • What was your most recent cosplay?

My most recent cosplay was an original piece of mine called “The Cyber Goth Jade cosplay”. It is my original creation. I even cut my real hair, just to match my character accurately.

  • Do you go solo or with friends?

Till now, I have attended many Cosplay events with my Cosplayer friends. But, I always came with a solo character and never cosplayed as being a group cosplay for instance the same characters from one anime.

cosplay of devil jade
  • Have you done cute or mature cosplay?

I have done both cute and mature characters. Cute characters such as “Naruto Sexy Jutsu ” and mature characters such as “Lara Croft-Tomb Raider” to “Black Canary” from the series “Arrow”.

  • How many cosplays have you done?

I have done ten Cosplays till now such as Naruto Harem No Jutsu, Black Canary, Misa Amane, Lara Croft-Tomb Raider, The Lady-Devil May Cry 5 and Evil Supergirl. Four of the others are my originals imaginary such as Cat maid, Devil jade cosplay, Cyber Goth Jade, and a Yandere School Girl.

  • How long have you been cosplaying?

I started cosplaying in October 2019. My first cosplay event was Comic-Con Delhi in December 2019.

  • How many conventions have you been to?

Comic con 2019 was my first event. After that, I have been to “ESL Gaming Championships” and “Namaste Japan”.

  • Do you use color lenses?

I always use color contact lenses. I love and always try to give the character its accurate look to the fullest.

cosplay by yusuf khan

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