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Cosplayer Blogs is amazed to present pro-wrestler, actor, US Marine, the Host of Heroes of Cosplay, and DC Comic Book Character – Freight Train named Eric the Smoke Moran. When asked about his personal life he said that I’ve been cosplaying before it was called Costco. Back in the day like in the 70s, when I had a fascination tv shows like spider-man, Speed Racers, Captain America federal hall shows. Batman especially always got my attention. Moreover, I thought you know something about heroes that were noble and I wanted so badly to be part of it. After that, I wanted to be something more than myself you know bigger than myself.


Fast forward you know going to high school and elementary school I was always an odd kid. I was an avid fan of everything that was cool at that time. It was looking like when people looked at me they were like oh my god! He’s so different so odd and everything else. But, I never cared I didn’t hear what people thought. I would wear different outfits. You know my appearance was always changing when I got to high school.

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Now we’re fast forward even further, after marine corps. I was, you know a pro wrestler about it so now. I’m a bigger than life character in the ring. It opened a lot of doors for me. My first film appearances, TV appearances, and radio appearances all because of my wrestling persona, Eric the Smoke Moran. Moreover, I also had a strong resemblance to the rock Dwayne Johnson. He and I had similar looks even though I’m older than him. We’ve met, he and I had interacted on, but because of my wrestling career, I was doing a lot of comic con. Appearances and throughout those comic-con appearances, I noticed there were people that were wearing superhero costume. I thought that was cool. I finally got back into wearing costumes.

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Cosplayer Blogs asked Eric the Smoke Moran some interview question as follows:

  • First can you tell us a little yourself, where you are from?

I’m from Philadelphia, Pa. raised by both my parents (who are my heroes) and have two older brothers and a twin sister.

eric moran
  • Was it difficult to decide on your cosplay name?

          No, I was a Pro-wrestler for years and I used The Smoke in my career as a cosplayer.

  • Can you tell us about some of the Facebook pages that you have created?

I have pages on Facebook dedicated to prop making, “The Armor Corps” and pages like “The Philadelphia Power Rangers” and my production pages like “ Together Brothers Productions.

eric the smoke moran
  • What are some problems with the cosplay community that you personally faced?

         I never cared what people thought of my cosplays, as long as I had fun and I encouraged other cosplayers as well.

  • What is the best part about being a cosplayer for you?

     I love meeting other cosplayers who have the same love as cosplay as I have also to collaborate with them. I also love being an ideal role model for kids when they see me in my cosplays 

  • Do you have any advice for cosplayers that struggle with making friends within the cosplay community?

     Never limit yourself, and never let anyone tell you who you can’t cosplay as. Remember cosplay for yourself and not for others.

  • Is your family supportive of your cosplaying? Do they ever take part in its creation, or do they more so ignore it? Do they often question why you choose to cosplay?

       When my mother was alive , she was a fashion designer, so when it came to my costumes and buying materials she became a big help. I think she really got it when she saw me on tv hosting a crowd of 2,000 people on Heroes of Cosplay.  Most of my immediate family knew I was always into costuming since the 80’s.

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  • What are your views on body positivity in the cosplay community?

         I feel that as a big size cosplayer, you should never let anyone put you down in cosplay due to your size or color or gender. You’d be surprised how encouraging that is for others. So I say there are no limits in cosplay.

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