Cosplayer Name- Swetha Kari


Swetha Kari is a wonderful cosplayer upgrading herself on this level since last 5 years. In an interview she said that I am an engineer with creative zeal. It led me to cosplay world. My way of looking at cosplay is it’s unified force that joins people together from all backgrounds, ages, groups and everything.

Attending conventions as a spectator and spanning every time, I saw a familiar character being cosplayed by someone made me a cosplayer. Initially, I didn’t have much resources and very little knowledge with the craft. It took me few years of experience to reach this stage. My recognized costume was cosplay of Espeon armoured foam work. I like working with foam & how the project is shaping out made me to do more.


It has always been my favorite character for a costume and trying to reach screen accuracy, I chose characters which are my personal favorite from famous shows, movies, anime and games. All the characters which I chose to portray have one thing in common. They’re strong characters that share a similar passion whether it might be negative or positive. So, I believe everyone can do it. DIY projects and a creative twist of mind ,turning oneself into a character, it admires everyone’s dream.

Cosplay of Espeon was an inspired armoured foam work. My sister chose this particular one. She said that I would win with this & I won. It was two continuous days of hard-work. Since, I worked shaping my own patterns re-shaping for perfection with all sleep deprived. It was worth when people saw and reacted positively.

You can also checkout her other cosplays such as

  1. 2B from Nier Automata game
  2. Kijo Momiji from Onmyoji Arena game
  3. Layla from MobileLegends BANG BANG game 
  4. Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui
  5. Lucy Heartfilia-  Fairy Tail 

Thank you for being a part of my journey’s memory lane.

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