Himiko Toga

Cosplayer Name- Jenifer Akabane

Cosplayer Blogs presents a new cosplayer named Jenifer who cosplayed as Himiko Toga. When asked about her cosplay journey she said that I was inspired to do cosplay when I was in 2nd year of high school. I really didn’t meet any cosplayers since I don’t go to conventions that much. When I attended my first convention with my grandma is my first exposure to cosplayers. However one of the contestants turned out to be one of my father’s students. She was my first inspiration to cosplay. I think my first cosplay is when I was in 3rd-year high school.

It was my first and embarrassing cosplay. The character that I’ve cosplayed is named Kousei Arima. I still have no experience in makeup so I had my auntie to help me at that time. I thought that I looked so cool but when I saw the pictures I thought that cosplaying wasn’t for me. After that, someone posted on Facebook that they are making a group cosplay. I just said to myself that I’ll give this cosplay thing another shot. I actually enjoyed it.

kocho shinobu

Maybe the reason why I didn’t enjoy the convention is because I have no friends to go to conventions(it sound so sad). After that, I continued my cosplay journey. Before, no one really thought me how to do or apply makeup sometimes my mom would teach me. However, somethings I learned it on my own like how to apply eyeliner, how to contour eyebrows, etc. As I did in Himiko Toga, Cosplay is really really really expensive. I’m not entirely sure how did I get the budget for cosplaying. Since my childhood, my dad taught me if I want something I need to save up for it. Every penny that I found I put it in my jar. I eat less to save up some money. It might not be healthy but for me, it was worth it.

As time went on I began to see my cosplay improve. I’m not actually planning to be one of those famous cosplayers. I just want to enjoy what I do to keep it my pace. But of course sometimes insecurities appear and make you feel miserable, but that’s alright. This proves that you’re growing as a cosplayer. I try my best to help my other friends who also want to get into cosplay. I want them to feel how enjoying and satisfying it is to see others enjoying your cosplay. It can boost the confidence you never knew you had.

Kocho Shinobu – Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba

This character is one of my favorites because of the color purple. I’m biased with the color purple. I also love her personality how she keeps her anger inside and just smile. Her beauty is also one of its pro’s. Even though she is one of the weakest in the Nashira. However, she still finds a way to be just like them, even though she cannot carry a heavy sword just like the others.

kocho shinobu

She still found a way to put poison in her sword and in her whole body. Which is the type of person that I strive to be even though I’m not good at somethings? I can still find a way to compete with the others. I try my best to hold my anger just like Shinobu. In other words, I guess that’s the one thing I can’t do hahaha. I just really love how she’s gentle but at the same time deadly.

Hanako-kun/ Yugi Amanae – Toilet bound Hanako-Kun/ Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun

This lovely boy right here is just so lovable. I love how he acts flirty then suddenly makes it look a joke or makes you do something. But, I really loved the art style of the show. I was hoping to catch that in my cosplay but I think there are still more improvements that I need to do. He has that personality that can make a girl fall in love and I was one of them. They say if you can’t have your husbandos then be your husbandos. Even though Hanako-Kun is a kid please don’t call the FBI on me hahaha.

hanako kun

Himiko Toga – My hero academia / Boku No Hero Academia

Himiko Toga was the first cosplay that I made a huge improvement on the makeup. Since she was the first cosplay that I went with some of my friends. It took me almost a year, a lot of trial and error just to improve my make up on her. I think the reason why I choose to cosplay Himiko Toga is because of how cute and innocent she looks. Moreover, once you get past that layer she’s quite dangerous. I really cannot relate to her personality since I don’t like someone like her.

himiko toga

Cosplayer Blogs interviewed her about her cosplays as follows:

  • Why do I cosplay?

Cosplay showed me things I could never imagine. I am a awkward loner and a weirdo in school but because of cosplay I’ve gained enough confidence to face myself in the mirror. Cosplay is for fun to I do it because its fun and I gained new friends well a lot actually.

  • How do I balance cosplay with everyday life?

Actually at first I really didn’t have a problem in balancing my time. Since I’m still new to cosplay, but of course as time passes by I kinda have problems with it. Since I’m still a student, I have a lot of assignments or projects that I need to finish. I’m also a ICT student. I also love doing or making tiktok videos. I just make a schedule that I can only do cosplay stuff on the weekends.

  • How do you stay inspired?

Since I was a kid I already loved dressing up like most children liked to do. But, I wasn’t blessed unlike the others I didn’t have any costume. When I was a kid since my family didn’t have a lot of money. We are just in the middle part we’re not poor and definitely not rich to spend money on costumes. That may be the reason why I love cosplaying. It’s something I’ve always wanted as a child. Moreover, whenever I see my friends do cosplay trials I’m always tempted to do the same.

  • How to budget for cosplays and convention?

Actually, before I started cosplaying I spent less money because of the course I just bought. I tried my best to put almost 100 pesos per week (that’s the currency in the Philippines). So, I can still eat what I want after school, but when I started cosplaying I started to limit spending money on food which is good in my part. Since I’m not a thin person, I really don’t advise doing it. If you are hungry go buy some food. Since I’m still a student and my dad doesn’t want me to have a part-time job. I sometimes rely on my classmates because sometimes we have school projects that require drawing something.

  • What is the hardest thing about cosplay for you?

When it was my first time doing cosplay the hardest thing about cosplay is doing makeup since makeup isn’t really a normal thing for me. It was hard in Himiko Toga too. But, I gradually learned a lot of things from experience and of course Youtube. Then as my make up skills progress my perfectionist side kicks in. Right now the hardest thing is being fit. There are characters that I cosplay that I really wish I look skinny so it looks good. But at this moment all I can do is have a balanced diet and exercise. I don’t really get that much hate comment so yeah my weight is my number one problem.

  • What do I do when I’m not in cosplay?

Well, I do art in my spare time. I’m not good at it but I can say that I have a decent skill in it. I also love Bingeing Youtube videos. I have to clean the house also because I don’t want my dad yelling at me again (Asian parents am I right? Hahaha).  

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/jeniferakabane8/?hl=en

Facebook Handle- https://www.facebook.com/jeuncine.comendador

Youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCMuLvYcoIV9rhiwhfKCUzg?view_as=subscriber&fbclid=IwAR0npDhwXl_-40N1tU8493iJW7eGDyjczgdQkJc11i5t_FXA8CwZ15qBd1A