Kagura – Inuyasha

Cosplayer Name- Suriya Banu

Cosplayer Blogs is honored to present another blog of Suriya Banu. She cosplayed as Kagura from anime series Inuyasha. When asked about her cosplay she said Kagura from the anime Inuyasha is one of my most loved cosplays. I love to wear it because it is lightweight and easy to move around in. Inuyasha, being one of the old school animes I have watched. In other words, I can’t help but relish portraying Kagura, the wind sorceress. Similarly, I adore her attitude and style; and I get to carry a fan around.
I wore the cosplay at Japan Habba 2017, Bangalore as well as PGAX 2019, Chennai. I commissioned the kimono, the fan, and made her ornaments myself. It is also the cosplay that made my makeup stand out as there are not many details in the costume. In conclusion, It is a simple yet satisfactory cosplay.

kagura cosplay

Cosplayer Blogs asked some questions about her as follows:

  • First cosplay experience

My first ever cosplay was at Hyderabad comic con 2014 as Lelouch Vi Britania from Code Geass. It was very ambitious for my first cosplay. I had no idea of foam and made the mask worn by the character using paper mache. I still look back fondly at the thrill of wearing my first cosplay.

kagura inuyasha cosplay
  • 7 deadly sins of cosplay

(i) Do not judge other cosplayers based on their costumes or appearance

(ii) Do not perform any action moves in a crowded space. 

(iii) If you see another cosplayer from the same anime/game ask them before you can start performing/taking pictures together.

 (iv) While executing a fight with your duo, do not put excessive force that might damage others props

(v) If you do not have a constructive comment, better not to give one

(vi) Do not forget to stay hydrated and take ample breaks

(vii) Do not forget to thank your cosplay buddy

kagura cosplay
  • Contacts or eye color editing?

I would prefer colored contacts because I have short-sightedness and have to wear glasses anyway. It is aesthetic and adds authenticity.

  • Favorite prop you have made?

My favorite prop is the bow of Kindred from league of legends. I love the shape and the color of the weapon itself and It is also one of my earlier foam works.

kagura cosplay
  • Make or buy?

Personally, it is about what is efficient. Although you might feel passionate enough to work on the entire costume yourself, It is always good to consider the cheaper option in terms of saving materials and time. Moreover, Sometimes you might not have the skill or the right set of tools to make certain components. Commissioning is better in these scenarios.

kagura inuyasha cosplay

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