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Cosplayer Name- Pankaj

Cosplayer Blogs presents an emerging Delhi based cosplayer named Pankaj who has cosplayed many characters. One of his cosplays is Kiba Inuzuka. Kiba Inuzuka is a ninja in Naruto Shippuden anime. Cosplayer Blogs asked Pankaj about his personal life he said that I love to game, like to do digital art (although I’m still learning it) and a big foodie! I have a corporate job as well in Gurgaon.

kiba inuzuka

I was very much into POP Culture from the very start and never thought I would do cosplay. As you can see here I am doing cosplay and you are here reading a “cosplay blog on me”, life is interesting after all.
Fun fact – I was forced to do my first cosplay as I’m an introvert guy and it was very much different and new experience for me.

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Cosplayer Blogs interviewed him about some questions as follows:

  • Why do you cosplay?

I was very much into pop culture from the beginning and now I get to portray my favorite characters through cosplay that’s why I do cosplay.

  • First cosplay experience.

I went to DCC in 2017 and that was my first time experiencing all this cosplay thing, so I immediately decided to do cosplay as well, and I did my first cosplay in DCC 2018. I cosplayed as Kakashi.

hatake kakashi
  • Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

When I did my first cosplay, I just took anything that made me look as close as the character I was cosplaying (at that time Kakashi) since I had only 2 days of preparation. So one should just start doing it as it doesn’t have to be a perfect cosplay but one should try.

kaneki kan
  • 10 cosplay commandments.

I don’t have 10 commandments but here are some that I follow:
One should be consistent, pay attention to detail, and should enjoy the cosplay.

  • What do you do when you’re not in cosplay?

I try to create digital art, explore a lot of cafes and restaurants, and game on weekends. I also have a typical 8-5 corporate job on weekdays.

  • Where do you make your cosplay?

I don’t have any typical place for cosplay preparation, I make everything at my home.

  • How do you stay inspired?

As I said initially, I’m a huge pop culture fan and very much into Anime, DC, and Games, so I stay inspired all the time.

  • Workload management. What types of tools and methods do you use to tackle a project?

As portrayed in all the anime, “WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP”. Moreover, my friends help me a lot with all my cosplays.

  • How do you balance cosplay with everyday life?

Since I only prepare my cosplays on weekends so I’m very much free the rest of the time so yea I am able to manage my cosplay and everyday life easier.

  • How to budget for cosplay and conventions.

I save money over time for all my cosplay material, tickets and whatnot.

  • How does cosplay positively impact you?

I see a lot of talented people, showing their skills through cosplay and there is so much to learn from those people which give me a positive attitude not only for cosplaying but also for life. Above all, I get to meet positive people through cosplay.

  • Cosplay etiquette.

Never let your fans down and try to nail every character you are cosplaying.

  • What is your biggest cosplay fear?

If my costume, prop, or wig gets stolen or broken at the last moment, that will be very much horrifying for me.

  • What is the hardest thing about cosplay for you?

The hardest thing would be getting the right material for costume/wig/prop. There is very little stuff available in the Indian market for cosplay and that is the most difficult part.

  • How to create a cosplay emergency kit.

I don’t have any cosplay emergency kit, but I think it should have hairspray (for wigs), some double-sided tape, and extra material depending on you costume/prop.

  • Myth vs. Fact.

I have heard people saying “I can’t do cosplay, how can I get the costume, I can never make that thing’. I think cosplaying is not that difficult, there are characters that can be done with minimal to no effort, for instance, “anyone can do Sanji for One Piece, you just need a blonde/yellow wig, black suit and you are done!

  • How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying since 2017. I cosplayed Kakashi (from Naruto) in DCC 2017, I cosplayed Zabuza, Kiba Inuzuka (from Naruto), Kaneki (from Tokyo Ghoul) and Ichigo – Bankai half hallow version (from Bleach).

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