Kisame Hoshigaki

Cosplayer Name- Ayush Gupta

Cosplayer blogs presents a cosplayer named Ayush Gupta who had been bewitched at the idea of group cosplay specially Akatsuki. We asked him about his cosplay journey. He said that I did my first cosplay in 2015 As Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto because of its great height, overwhelming sword size. He actually fell in love with the character as he cosplayer it out. The number below of times he has cosplayed as Kisame is unaccounted but he has tried to make it better every time he went to a convention or competition.


Apart from Kisame Hoshigaki, he has also cosplayed as Harley Quinn male version. He said that there is a feeling of ease in cosplaying such a crazy character. It’s nothing out of the question in terms of how you want to present it.

harley queen

Electro: I have always liked the idea of being a villain in terms of cosplaying from a series. There are a lot fewer people who like to be a villain over heroes as far as I have seen. The idea of cosplaying Electro has emerged when there came an opportunity for me to take part in the Spiderman homecoming movie event. The sheer aura of this cosplay is like subtle eeriness.

  • Why do you cosplay?

Although I had admired the concept of cosplaying for quite sometime before myself starting it. The real motive for me was to tackle my stage and audience fear. At last, after making so many blunders on top of stage I think it helped me a lot.

kisame hoshikage
  • First cosplay experience.

The first experience is like how you start playing an awesome new game of which you have heard about but never played or was just a spectator. The amount of attention and praise of the audience, along with luck of hitting an interview right off the bat in the Delhi Comic Con 2015 first had me worried. It was like an inexperienced territory for me but I was worried about nothing. Day3 for my first con was special in a different way. Well, it was our first time as a group. It was like we were some famous celebrities in between the audience. It sure felt amazing.

  • Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

Firstly they should be researching the character a lot and should get to know it’s quirks and behavior. Secondly, for your first cosplay, you can go attention to detail if you want to. In other words, the idea is mainly to enjoy being in the character you chose. So even if the cosplay feels rough around the edges you should just go and have fun cosplaying it.

kisame cosplay
  • What is the hardest thing about cosplay for you?

It would be getting and eating food at conventions. People won’t leave you or stop taking pics of you.


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