Naruto Sexy Jutsu

Cosplayer name- Yusuf Mani

Cosplayer Blogs presents a cosplayer who delightfully made his cosplay as his hobby. Cosplay blogs interviewed Yusuf Mani about his latest cosplay Naruto Sexy Jutsu. He said that this is my first cosplay/crossplay that I have ever made “Naruto sexy jutsu” or “Naruto Crossover”. However, It took me one and a half weeks to complete kunai knives, headband jacket symbols, Tsunade pendent, ninja boots, and the upper thigh bands.

naruto sexy jutsu

In addition, Cosplayer blogs interviewed him about some questions as follow:-

  • What is your favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay is “Naruto harem no Jutsu” from the anime “Naruto Shippuden” and “Naruto season 1”.

  • What is your least favorite cosplay?

My least favorite cosplay is “The lady” from the game “Devil May Cry 5”.

  • Do you make your cosplay yourself or buy it?

I always make my cosplays myself. In other words, I love to show my artistic skills and to work with my hand stitching skills on the fabrics.

  • What is your favorite part of cosplaying?

My favorite part of cosplaying is pretty much everything like from clicking pictures to giving awesome poses to photographers. However, I love to show people my creations and my creativity level.

sexy jutsu cosplay naruto
  • What is your most comfortable cosplay?

My most comfortable cosplay is the character “Misa Amane” from the anime “Death Note” because it’s the easiest one of all. For instance, It has less clothing, black outfit, and a death note prop in your hand with a cute face, you are good to go.

  • What is your most uncomfortable cosplay?

My most uncomfortable cosplay is the character “The lady” from the game “Devil may cry 5”. Above all, the props are hard to handle and it’s hard to pose with them too.

sexy naruto jutsu
  • What is your best memory while in cosplay?

My best memory while in cosplay was from 2019 Delhi Comic-Con because when I stepped on the stage on the DCC level championship cosplaying as “Naruto sexy Jutsu”. I just said that “hello everyone, a crossplayer in the house”. After that, the cheering crowd went crazy and started shouting yeah!!!!!. In addition, they became more and more cheerful because before that moment many people from the crowd were thinking that I’m a female. Furthermore, many cosplayers were expecting me to show up at the Comic-Con Delhi 2019.

naruto crossplay cosplay

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