Nezuko Chan

Cosplayer Name- Bhuvneshwari

Cosplayer Blogs presents a cosplayer who truly resembles her cosplay whenever she does it. She cosplayed as Nezuko Chan as her first cosplay. Cosplayer blogs interviewed her about her character. She said I was so excited when I decided to cosplay in the coming Delhi comic con. Yet, I was very confused as to which character I should cosplay. Kimetsu no Yaiba had just released at the time, and with all the hype around it. I decided to watch it. After completing the anime, I knew I had to cosplay someone from it. Who is better than our very own Nezuko Chan. Nezuko’s character had struck a chord with me. I was so in love with her whole attire that I had to give it a shot.


The bamboo mouthpiece wasn’t too much of work for a beginner and the clothing was a simple kimono as well, so I set my sight on it and moved forward. It was hard work but it was worth it. Nezuko Chan is always loved for her personality and is well known in the anime community. All in all, I wanted to portrait that very character and bring a smile to all the people who loved her. I also tried to do the cosplay of Iris Von Everec from Witcher.

iris von everec

We asked her some questions which are as follows:-

  • Favourite part of cosplaying?

For me, I feel amazing when I get to bring whatever character I’m cosplaying to life. Seeing other individuals who recognize the character and being able to bring a smile on their faces, takes the cake.  To see all my efforts come to fruition on a cosplay is worth the time. It brings immense satisfaction and joy. It makes me want to do more cosplays.

  •  What order do you do your makeup in?

I usually begin my makeup with foundation and concealer because it can get messy. If you apply it after doing other makeup, as it might not blend properly, then I move on to eye makeup. But, before starting I put in my contacts if the character requires them. In eye makeup, I do the eyeliner first and mascara later if needed since fake eyelashes are worn usually. After that, I would move to any face paint if required, and lastly put on lipstick or gloss.

  •  Dream cosplay?

Currently my dream cosplay is of a gender bender of Sephiroth, the one-winged angel, from Final Fantasy 7. I have always wanted to create the wing and his weapon. I would love to put in the effort and time soon and make this dream cosplay a reality. Sephiroth has been one of my favourite video game antagonists and I admire the look and character he has.

iris von everec witcher
  •  Someone you would never cosplay?

I think I will never cosplay Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts series, he isn’t even at the bottom of my cosplay barrel. Kingdom hearts is my favourite video game of all time. Yet, I cannot imagine myself cosplaying Xehanort as I have a deep dislike for him and his evil plans.

  •  First Cosplay?

My first cosplay was of Nezuko Chan from Kimetsu no Yaiba in Delhi Comic Con 2019. I had made her a pink kimono and black coat with her kimono belt. I even prepared her slippers. But, the only thing I could not prepare was her wig. So, I had to do with my natural hair for that cosplay. I would say it was almost perfect is it wasn’t for the wig and I was really happy with how the costume turned out to be.

  •  Form Fitting or Flowing garments?

Personally I prefer flowing garments over form-fitting ones. I find them comparatively easy going and more comfortable to be in. I am more of a comfort person and so I would always look for that in a cosplay. Though, I will step out of my comfort zone for cosplaying. However, comfort still remains a beneficial point for me when choosing cosplays.

  •  Colored contacts or natural eye color/editing?

I am a fan of colored contacts so it’s a clear answer for me, though I do not have anything against editing. I would always prefer to get the lenses than edit them onto my picture. Sometimes editing is easier to do than getting the specific colored lenses, and is more cost efficient as well. Since it literally has no cost. At those moments, I generally turn towards editing or just my natural eye color.

  •  With friends or solo?

Cosplay is better when done in a group. It’s more fun to do with friends especially when you are going to an event. I already look forward to do more cosplays with my friends.

  • Most recent cosplay?

I think my most recent cosplay is of Lisa Lisa from Jojo. I wanted to try the sketch look of the anime and it turned out to be fairly good. So, I might look into more Jojo cosplays in the future.

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