Qiyana – League of legends

Cosplayer Name- Suriya Banu

Cosplayer Blogs presents a new cosplayer named Suriya Banu. She is into gaming that’s why she has mostly done gaming cosplays. One of her cosplay is True Damage Qiyana from a game named League of legends. Cosplayer Blogs asked about her experience, she said I cosplayed Qiyana together with my Global esports team.

It was a group cosplay of the true damage skin line from the popular MOBA game, League of legends. We cosplayed it at Dreamhack Delhi, 2019 as a part of our launch as Global esports Gems. Although I have later left the team to pursue my own interests. I am very much in touch with them and open to collaborating on future projects together.


Qiyana-League of Legends was a challenge to make. Not only did I have to work on the
huge ring blade type weapon, but I also had to make it transportable.
I used a PVC pipe for the base of the weapon and sectioned it into 3
that can be dismantled and reassembled. The blades were made of foam
and painted with acrylics.

Each of the 3 connectors had a circular ring that was fitted with the LED lighting so that I could change the color through remote control. I made the changing colors to fit the theme of the champion, where the weapon glows based on the element she currently wields.

Sample of my work

Cosplayer Blogs asked her some questions:-

  • How to budget for cosplay and conventions?

Budgeting for cosplay is not to be taken lightly. Even a simple
looking cosplay can end up costing a lot. Always do your research on
the materials needed and if you can work with something you already
have. Then buy things in smaller portions unless you can reuse them in
some other cosplay. For conventions, always plan together with your
friends so the costs are shared and you will have safety in a new

qiyana league of legends
  • Workload management. What types of tools and methods do you use to tackle a project?

Some of the tools I use to work with foam are – Dremel, heat gun, hot
glue gun, cutting board, etc. Plan your cosplays well ahead of time.
That way you can work on it whenever you have the time and motivation.
This avoids pressure to meet a deadline.

group qiyana
  • How does cosplay positively impact you?

Cosplay helps me connect with the character I love. It is about
crafting and making something wonderful. I always feel a sense of
accomplishment when I am able to deliver a cosplay on point.

  • Cosplay etiquette

Stay true to character. Smile and have fun!

  • What is your biggest cosplay fear?

My biggest cosplay fear is not being able to finish a costume on time
for an event or a convention. It is the absolute worst feeling and I
am sure all cosplayers can agree to this.

Facebook Handle- https://www.facebook.com/hikari.cosplay.gaming/

Insagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/hikari_jane/?hl=en