Sam Ryzi Cosplayed as Goku

Cosplayer blogs presents a cosplayer named Sam Ryzi who totally makes a feel out of his character. However, he has made his physique to make his cosplay feel more real. Although, he is always in the character while doing his cosplays. In addition, Sam Ryzi is a Vlogger and fashion fitness influencer. He makes his cosplays at his home. Goku is a fictional character who inspires him a lot. Cosplayer blogs asked him about his personal life he said since childhood I’m the biggest follower of Goku however I’m not a fan. There is a huge difference between a fan and a follower. Being a follower means I always wanted to be like him there have been days I’ve tried going super Saiyan standing in front of my bathroom mirror.

goku ultrainstinct

As a child, I always wanted to meet Goku however that dream was just a fantasy. Although, when I heard about cosplay I realized, so what if I never get to meet Goku. Finally, I can fulfill this dream for some other child by becoming the Goku and I did that. At last, it was the best feeling ever and I was real for him. I have been cosplaying since 2018.

goku ultrainstinct cosplay

Cosplayer blogs asked some question about Sam Ryzi as following:

  • First cosplay experience.

My 1st cosplay was in 2018 as SSJ Goku. The experience was overwhelming. I had no confidence that I will pull it off so neat even though the costume was not 100 percent perfect. However, a big guy coming up to me saying you are the only Goku I’ve seen in the last 4 years which made me feel like a perfect Goku was an achievement for me.

super saiyan
  • Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

As I am a new cosplayer, I won’t be saying much about it. However, one small tip to new and old cosplayers is to be in your character not only on stage but throughout the event. So that it should feel like that fans don’t want to meet or see sam. On the other hand, they want to speak to Goku.

sam ryzi cosplay
  • 10 cosplay commandments.

Don’t buy costumes always make one

Never be shy to chose your fav character even though it’s a gender-bend cosplay.

Don’t disrespect other cosplayers work always share your best practices with other cosplayers

Never be biased with marvel, DC, anime or any other cosplay

 Do use eco friendly products

  Use skin and body-friendly products

 Please aim to inspire not to win some compliments

Never disrespect your fans no matter who they are 

Last always be comfortable of what you are cosplaying

super saiyan cosplay
  • Workload management. What types of tools and methods do you use to tackle a project?

Being a Goku cosplayer the most difficult thing is to make his hair and achieve aesthetic physique. In addition, I used felt foam sheets with real hair for his hair and the design I made using Pepakura software.

  • How to budget for cosplay and conventions.

If you are a new cosplayer, you will end up wasting a lot of money. However, with the years of experience, you will learn to budget it automatically.

  • How does cosplay positively impact you?

Cosplaying is not an easy task. It’s an achievement and it makes you stand out of others which is truly motivating.

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