Sugoi Chan

Cosplayer Blogs presents a young blood international cosplayer named Sugoi Chan. She belongs to the Philippines and participated in many cons of her country. She makes her own costume, props and did a lot of trap cosplays.

When Cosplayer Blogs Sugoi Chan her about her journey to cosplay she said I’ve been cosplaying for more than a year. I was influenced by a guy I call sensei cause he taught me almost everything about cosplaying. I’m only 15 years old and will be turning 16 this June 8. I wish to improve my cosplaying more and I just used to watch anime until I volunteer to my crush as her personal assistant in her cosplay event.

sugoi chan

I met some other cosplayers that influenced me to do it. It’s been a year and I have almost 1000 followers on my Facebook page. I’m taking the next step of vlogging with cosplay and anime contents. I can also sing anime openings and can speak basic Japanese.

She has done some of the following cosplays:-

Mavis (from hotel Transylvania)– I cosplayed this character on my own and hoping to cosplay it in the best way. I cosplayed this character because I’m a fan of vampire stories and loved the story of Mavis and Johny.

marvis by sugoi chan

Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)– I cosplayed the updated version of Juuzou Suzuya from another season of Tokyo ghoul. Juuzou became more matured but the fun in him stays the same. He might have lost someone again. But, it was replaced by a whole squad that makes me tear up of joy because he accepts everything that comes and goes in his life.

juuzou suzuya

Angel (from devil’s love)– I’m not into lovey-dovey, but the Devil’s love comic is so adorable. I decided to cosplay the angel because I wished to find a bad guy that was willing to be nice for the sake of love.

angel by Sugoi chan

Lucy Loud- I spent my whole summer this past year by watching the Loud house. I chose Lucy because of her emotional phase that I’ve been through before. I completely related myself to her character. Especially, when he asked her brother Lincoln Loud for suggestions about her poem.

lucy loud

Villain Deku (AU of Izuku Midoriya)– Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia really inspired me but I’m not really into cosplaying such cute character. Eventually, I ended up with an alternative universe version of him being a villain.

villain deku

Juuzou Suzuya (white ver)– Tokyo ghoul is one of my favorite animes. My eyes and heart found Juuzou Suzuya very interesting, He releases strong character vibe of happiness even though he had a complete tragedy from the past. It is what makes me inspired and jumping into cosplaying him.

juuzou suzuya 2
  • How does cosplay positively impact you?

Since I started cosplaying, I didn’t worry about being alone cause my friends kept on growing and we found support for each other.

  • What is the hardest thing about cosplay for you?

The hardest thing about cosplay for me is when I want to cosplay a certain character but my budget can’t pull it off.

marvis hot
  • How do you stay inspired?

My friends and the people who always wait for my new cosplay, seeing them smile by being entertained by me is priceless and that’s what really inspires me

  • Important lessons learned from cosplay?

The important lesson that I learned from cosplay is that no one can accept me easily but there’s a cosplay community that can support me.

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