Tsuyoshi Shiba

Parzival- Movie Ready Player One.

Tsuyoshi Shiba is a cosplayer who loves to cosplay characters.

In an interview Tsuyoshi Shiba said that I come to like and love cosplay characters that my friends suggest that I do too.
One of my favorite Cosplay’s that I’ve done is Parzival, from the movie Ready Player One.

Parzival was actually a suggestion made by a good friend. I hadn’t actually watched the movie at the time. I told my friend that I’ll give it a shot. After watching the movie, I came to love the movie and it’s concept of the virtual world. All of that encompasses it. I loved the character and all that he stood for. Who wouldn’t want to be able to escape into a virtual realm as a form of escape from the the current reality?

The characters attention to details when doing something that one loves is especially what I could really relate to though. In other words, I feel that not just me, but most, if not all of us would do the same. However, it got me motivated enough to buy a wig and put together what scraps I have left. Similarly I listed what is needed to buy in order to tailor this costume together.

I have reused the costume twice and I hope that I’ll be able to cosplay him at another event again someday. Therefore, sharing my love for the characters and cosplay as a whole motivates me enough to dream on as though I can access the virtual worlds that Wade Watts, who is the user of the avatar of Parzival, can. Cosplaying is like taking on the mantle of a character and turning into the said avatar after all.

 Thank you for reading my over extensively long story.

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