Uchiha Madara

Cosplayer Name- Aman Walia

Cosplayer blogs presents a cosplayer named Aman Walia who has truly copied his cosplays from its nutshell. He even ordered the same sclera contact lenses for eyes, the same as his character Uchiha Madara. I asked him about his cosplay journey. He said that I did my first cosplay in 2017 As Anbu Kakashi from Naruto because at that time I really loved that character the way he looked and did actions. But, after that I did Anbu Kakashi again in comic con. However, most of the people said that Kakashi doesn’t look better on you. Soon, I decided to drop that idea because it was not looking good on me for real.

kakashi anbu

I cosplayed as Tendo Pain from Naruto Shippuden on the 2nd and 3rd  day in comic con. This cosplay was really loved by people because I copied the character on real terms. I had Rinnegan sclera lenses in my eyes so whoever is coming to click a picture with me, he/she was giving great compliments.


Now, I wanted to cosplay one more character from Naruto Shippuden but most of the characters were not coming to my mind. Eventually in 2018, I saw a legendary character. It was my most beloved character Madara Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden. He was the strongest shinobi ever I saw in naruto also. Anyone didn’t do Madara Uchiha cosplay before, so I decided to give it a try. Every fan and those who don’t know the naruto series also gave awesome comments to me. Every fan was saying that Madara cosplay suits you very well in real also. Since that day, I’m Doing Madara Uchiha Cosplay. In 2019 Delhi comic con 1st Day,  I won the 1st price in Manga Category because of Madara Cosplay.

uchiha madara

Well I loved all of my three cosplays. However for 1st cosplay Anbu Kakashi, it took me one week, then for pain one day and finally after that for Madara it took me 6 months to make it’s armor, clothing and shoes.

uchiha madara

Cosplayer Blogs interviewed him about some questions:-

Why do you Cosplay?

Its all about showing new creative skills to new generations.

First Cosplay Experience?

I had my first experience in 2017. My first cosplay was Anbu Kakashi from naruto. It is awesome anime ever and motivates you in every moment.

Cosplay for beginners. What advice would you have for cosplayers just starting out?

If you want to cosplay then feel free to do because it has no age limit. It’s fun and feels great, you can also create things with crafting materials.

  • What do you do when you’re not in cosplay?

Well I listen to Japanese Music, make sketches, watch Anime, read Manga and stuff.

  • Where do you make your Cosplay? 

I make all of my cosplay at my home.

  • How do you Stay Inspired?

  I stay inspired after watching any anime character, their appearance, and action.

  • How does Cosplay Positively Impact you?

 I always see and learn new ideas and skills of cosplayers, because I develop my creative skills that’s why cosplay impacts me positively.

  • What is the hardest thing about Cosplay for you?

It’s all about Teaching stuff to my fans that how did I make it.

pain by aman
  •  How to Create A Cosplay Emergency Kit.

 If my foam gets broken in crowd then I always keep instant adhesive and for face make up I usually keep extra liners and foundation.

  • Myth vs Fact.

Most people said to me that cosplay is for kids but it’s not true. If you do it in real then you will know how it feels great and always remember that Do what makes you happy and never give up on your dreams.

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/madarabeloved7/

Facebook Handle- https://www.facebook.com/aman.walia.313371